Sometimes, travelling to a different part of the world can be the only way to pursue a particular passion.

Giving yourself the time to get deeper into an activity that you really enjoy, in a unique location, is essentially what we mean by a special interest holiday. In other words, a special interest holiday is a chance to make time for yourself and your hobby, away from daily distractions.

Special interest tour opportunities are endless in Turkey. Here are some ideas to help you have a really worthwhile week away rather than just a break at the beach.


Taking an eco-holiday to Turkey’s numerous ecovillages can be a good alternative, where visitors find themselves in serene environments with healthy food.  A number of facilities geared toward this growing trend are meeting the demand, attracting international tourists with event programs for English speakers located primarily in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey.


Turkey is home to some great wine routes where travelers can visit wineries and enjoy the wine and food available at winery restaurants. These wine routes take you to the heart and way of life of some of Turkey’s wine growing regions.The tradition of wine is especially rich in Turkey as the all the nations situated in the Mediterranean. The wine routes are exclusive tourism routes. It is a great thing to explore Turkey, while you are discovering the wine producing areas and tasting some unique exquisite wines.


Turkey is a gastronomical heaven that attracts thousands of people from around the world. Every region has its own unique cuisine that has been enriched over time by past civilizations and people from different ethnic backgrounds. Who can ever claim that the Turkish Cuisine is not one of the world’s best tastes? It is renowned for its wide variety of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables, different kinds of fish and fresh meat, delicious desserts, traditional drinks, famous spirits and a large selection of traditional produce. Wherever you look wherever you go, you can find good food and drink in Turkey.


Turkey has a rich variety of trails for trekking and hiking. There are many routes across the country that cater to all levels of experience. Are you ready to explore a paradise where you can escape from stress, experience a range of emotions, and travel through time in the heart of nature? You can go on unforgettable adventures by experiencing high-altitude conditions. You can reinvigorate and energize your body by starting the day at locations with high oxygen levels. It will be easy to forget you are in the 21st century while walking along the trials, facing the deep blue sea, trekking on paths stretching from the green valleys to plateaus, and enjoying the historical routes that bring you face to face with the unique structures and cultures of Anatolia. In addition, the local and delicious Turkish dishes that are available locally, in villages and towns across Turkey, are the ideal motivation to keep you moving!


The activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries like home. Glamping, also known as luxury camping or glam camping, is that escape you’ve been meaning to take. It’s that little break from the hustle and bustle. It’s a moment by yourself in a unique accomodation.

With glamping, less is more! Glamping accommodations, take advantage of the surrounding elements, creating the best space for eco – friendly travel. Book your eco vacation in unique places to go camping in Turkey and fall in love with glamping!


The sailing paradise of Turkey is also home to the yachting. The Mediterranean and Aegean sea coasts, some of the most popular holiday destinations for yachting in Turkey which is a very fast developing industry and a tourism alternative especially in last years. Turkey surrounded by seas in three sides is a country of maritime. Good weather conditions, crystal clear water, green nature, undiscovered bays, rich culture and history are attracting hundreds of yacht owners to Turkish riviera and Turkish coasts.
Bareboat yacht charter is also available in Turkey where the passengers themselves crew the boat. An experienced skipper accompanies the vessel, but once on board the people who undertake the charter perform all of the tasks the handling of the sails, the seaman’s chores and housekeeping. More adventurous and experienced sailors can charter and pilot smaller motor yachts.


Turkey is a shopping paradise, from antique shops and chic designer boutiques to shopping malls, historical bazaars to local markets but you need to know some tricks of shopping. Shopping can be a very lifely experience for those who have never been in the country before. Ever since the days of the Silk Road, Turkey has been a magnet for merchants purveying in the exotic and wonderful, and those in search of retail therapy. Shopping is a really nice thing to do in your spare time while you are in Turkey.


If you are interested in the history of the place where you spend your holiday in Turkey, we suggest you to visit the impressive ancient cities which are the open air museums of our country. Turkey’s location at the meeting point between Europe and Asia has given rise to an incredible history as waves of people, states, eras, and empires have left their mark on the coastline and mountains, the people and culture. Turkey may have more ancient ruins that pretty much anywhere else. To walk among the graceful columns of a Lycian ruin adjacent to a Mediterranean beach, or to set foot in a Roman amphitheater at sunset, imagining the scenes that must have unfolded here thousands of years ago, couldn’t be more atmospheric. And to stand in the very spots where Alexander the Great, Saint Paul, and Helen of Troy once made history is pretty incredible.


Getting married in Turkey might be a dream for many foreigners, because Turkey offers many idyllic sites, beautiful beaches, mountains, resorts, great cities and of course top class hotels depending on your preferences for the places of a wedding. Also you can start your honeymoon right after your wedding without losing any time; maybe taking a private tour or a Gulet cruise in the Aegean or Mediterranean. Nowhere better than Turkey for a romantic holiday break. Precious moments in the most stunning settings. Most special memories filled with happiness, enjoy the marvels of this romantic country. Come and see how one dream wedding just got real.


How about traveling across two continents on two wheels? Turkey offers you an unbelievable cycling journey while you are in the country.
From lush mountains in the north to the scenic turquoise coast in the south, Turkey calls you to get off the beaten track. Very well hotels on the Mediterranean cost and many rivers, lakes in Taurus Mountain.


Get fully relaxed and cured in one of the 1,500 thermal springs in Turkey, where you can restore your body and heal your soul. The Spa Wellness facilities of Turkey, can bring you one step closer to a healthier life through innovative and integrative methods. You will find anything  for a relaxing and refreshing holiday not only by “taking the waters” but also through massage and cosmetic treatments offered by our Spa Wellness facilities. Life energy is increased by methods such as such as meditation, yoga and breathing therapies, nutrition for health and practising emotional wellness. All these practices, which form an important part of physical and emotional regeneration, are of great importance to any health seeker looking for an alternative holiday.


Photography tours in Turkey are getting more popular among travelers. Turkey offers everything a photographer looks for. Culture, food, architecture, ruins, landscape, and nature are all ready and steady for people who love to be behind the lenses. During the photo tours in Turkey, one can explore unique destinations like Istanbul, enjoy poetic landscapes in Cappadocia or amazing blue waters.



Turkey is a perfect destination of the world for playing golf with its world class courses, excellent climate and fantastic service. This beautiful country is now one of the most popular golfing destinations in Europe thanks to its combination of magnificent championship golf courses and luxury five stars all inclusive resorts.  So whether you prefer the excitement of city life or a Mediterranean backdrop to your game of golf, you will find the ideal location in Turkey.


Most popular music festivals, cultural festivals, lifestyle events, sport and outdoors events, national and religious festivals, wonderful Turkish festivals and more. As a country hosting millions of people, Turkey has to enliven up the days and nights of its beloved residents with various events and festivals. Along with festivals of local scale held in almost every city of the country, cultural events and other festivals of international reach are also organized in major metropolitan centers such as Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum, Konya.



Jeep safari is one of the greatest and exciting tours for tourists in Turkey. Adventure, excitement and wonderful amusing minutes with the unique nature of Turkey. Drive off-road, and get the adrenaline flowing. It is a perfect way to explore Turkey up close and allows you great opportunities to take time out to enjoy the breathtaking beauties. Don’t miss out the perfect holiday with a jeep safari. Jeep safari has a lot of fun depending on time of the year can be real adventure with the jeep convoys. It gives you an opportunity to visit the real Turkish people in their own environment that is right real authentic villages.