Canakkale, which holds a location of strategic importance, is the most popular base for visiting the ruins at Troy, as well as Gallipoli. The city has become a very popular destination for local and international tourists.

Canakkale is one of the culture and tourism cities of Turkey with its nature, hospitality, unique buildings, ancient cities, historical city walls, martyr’s cemeteries, civil architecture examples, clean coastlines and beaches with blue flag, fascinating islands, thermal springs, mild climate, various agricultural products, regional cuisine, fresh fishes, handicrafts, folklore and artists. Canakkale itself is quite pleasant city and a couple of hours can happily be spent exploring here. If you are looking for itinerary ideas, sightseeing attractions and unmissable activities, let’s help you experience the best of Canakkale has to offer.

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Places to visit


The nice looking Clock Tower, located at the hearth of Canakkale, is one of the symbols and the most popular meeting point of the city. Because of it is located on the road from the pier to the city centre, the daily life is very colourful and dynamic around the tower.

The Clock Tower, which is one of the landmarks of the city, consists of 5 storeys with a square plan. There is a clock on each of the four sides of the tower. The square shaped clock tower narrows slightly as it rises. It is one of the clock towers built in 1896 in many cities of Anatolia, the 20th anniversary of the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II.

The five storey Ottoman clock tower, the square and its surroundings were restored in 2010.


Ancient Troy has been immortalized by Homer’s stories of King Priam, Hector, Paris and the beautiful Helen. Finds considered as groundbreaking in the field of archaeology and the ancient remains of this city, located by the strait that separates the continents of Europe and Asia, are the heritage of a glorious past started in 3000 BC. Did you know that the ancient city of Troy was rebuilt 9 times?

It can easily be said that visiting this location would offer great pleasure to both history and literature lovers. This may be the place you remember for years to come.

2018 was declared “Year of Troy” in culture and tourism to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Troy’s addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Troy Museum, which showcases the 5,000-year history of Çanakkale province, has been nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) in 2020, organized by the European Museum Forum and known as the “Oscars” for museums. The museum, built at the entrance to the ancient city of Troy and containing priceless historical artifacts, is primed to be a new star in 2020.

The widespread interest of visitors and praise from institutions and organizations considered authorities in the world of arts have attested to the fact that the Troy Museum has added cultural value to Turkey since it opened in 2018. Inside the museum, the culture and archaeological history of Troy and its civilizations, which left their mark in the Troas region that was recorded in history with Homer’s “Iliad,” are told through 2,000 artifacts unearthed during excavations. With the project, Troy’s treasures that were smuggled and made their way abroad were returned to the lands to which they belong. The museum has inspired hope that all of Troy’s treasures on display at seven museums around the world will be returned.

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