Trabzon, which dates back a long time, is the center of culture and natural richness in Eastern Black Sea Region. The city, located on the ancient Silk Road, has been the junction of religions, languages, and cultures for centuries; and played a significant role in the history due to its port on the legendary Silk Road and its vital location. Marco Polo has visited the city in 14th century. Trabzon has also been the source of inspiration for world-renowned travelers including Xenophon, Evliya Çelebi, Fallmerayer and Frunze who eternalized the city in their travle boks and manuscripts.

Trabzon is the center of culture and natural richness in Eastern Black Sea Region.

Today, the city rests as an important trade and culture center ripe with museums, monasteries, mosques, tombs, caravanserais, baths, covered bazaar, fortification wall, and spectacular examples of civil architecture, bazaars, and a fantastic landscape.


Places to visit



Sumela Monastery, which is located in Macka district of Trabzon province in the Black Sea region, is a site of historical and cultural significance as well as a major tourist attraction. It was included on the UNESCO Tentative List in 2000.

Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Known as the Monastery of Virgin Mary by the local people, it was founded in the 4th century AD as the dream of two monks named Barnabas and Sophronios, who came from Athens and built a small church here. Sumela was expanded into a monastery during the Byzantine Empire and has become a science and culture center with its rich library. After the conquest of Trabzon by the Ottoman Empire, it continued to be used uninterruptedly until 1923.

Unbelievably nestled on a steep cliff, Sumela is, no doubt, the most magnificent and hierarchical of the many monasteries in this region. As it was in the past, it is the most well known and most visited of the monasteries today.


Uzungol, located in Çaykara -one of the most important tourism centers of Trabzon and Turkey- has a dazzling view. Uzungol is a village, highland and entertainment place. The area presents travel and accommodation opportunities with exceptional beauty with touristic rest houses, small resort type hotels, trout restaurants and scenery. Uzungol is also the ecotourism center of Trabzon.


Ataturk Mansion, bearing impressions of European and Western Renaissance architecture was built as a summer house in early 1900s with large and flamboyant symbols of Europe. Atatürk, during his stay in this mansion on June 11, 1930, decided to present all his wealth to Turkish nation.

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